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OVERVIEW: TheMedical Front Desk Receptionist is responsible for basic clerical tasks such asanswering the phones, greeting patients and visitors, scheduling appointmentsin a professional and timely manner. They are responsible for moving thepatients through the intake and checkout process including patientregistration, check-in and check-out, collecting co-payments, deductibles, andany other patient owed account balance, filing and medical records. The FrontDesk Receptionists must ensure that all procedures, from pulling correctpatient files to charting insurance information, are closely followed so thatthe medical team can concentrate on the well-being of the patients. Front DeskReceptionists must interact smoothly with back office personnel and helps inthe back-office area, if needed. ACCOUNTABILITIES/NATURE AND SCOPE: TheMedical Front Desk Receptionist will have the following accountabilities (butare not limited to): 1.Welcomes and greets all patients and visitors, in person or over the phone 2.Answers the phone while maintaining a polite, consistent phone manner using thefollowing proper telephone etiquette: a. Beingan active listener – focusing on the speaker and the issue being discussed, tryingnot to interrupt, being aware of non-verbal communication, avoiding talking tosomeone else b. Havinggood phone manners by answering quickly (at least by the third ring), speakingslowly and clearly, and asking permission before placing a caller on hold c.Maintain confidentiality by being cautious about the information given over thephone keeping in mind that other people may hear your conversation d.Considering the following:Always thank the caller for calling Never hang up first When taking messages, be as detailed as possible Staying calm and polite even when a patient/visitor is rude to you3.Responsible for keeping the area clean and organized 4.Registers new patient and updates existing patient demographics by collectingdetailed patient information including personal and financial information ( and insurance cards) 5.Collecting patient past due balances 6.Scanning incoming faxes 7. Generatebatch transmittal reports for each day 8.Facilitates the patient flow by notifying the provider or other medical staffof the patients’ arrival, being aware of delays, and communicating withpatients and clinical staff 9.Responds to inquiries by patients, prospective patients, and visitors in acourteous manner 10. Keepsmedical office supplies adequately stocked by anticipating inventory needs,placing orders, and monitoring office equipment 11.Protects patient confidentiality, making sure protected health information(PHI) is secured by not leaving PHI in plain sight and logging off the computerbefore leaving it unattended. 12.Ensures proper hand off of responsibilities once their task is completed 13. Meetsestablished attendance criteria and starts work promptly. Punctual anddependent for assigned/confirmed shifts 14.Respects and acknowledges the organizations commitment to cultural diversity,which is expressed through behavior, language and actions. 15.Consistently demonstrates good use of time and resources. 16.Adherence to HR & Corporate policies and procedures. 17.Ensuring that all medical records are accurate and complete within the SBU forall patients. 18.Ensuring compliance of healthcare regulations, medical laws and high ethicalstandards. 19.Regularly adheres and supports compliance and accreditation efforts as assignedincluding, but not limited to OSHA, HIPAA & CMS guidelines for Parts C& D on General Compliance and Fraud, Waste & Abuse. 20.Performs other position related duties as assigned EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION: A minimumof High School Diploma or General Education (GED). Graduate from a vocationalor technical school preferred. Proficiency must be attained via on-the-jobtraining and orientation. Certification in Front Office Administration,preferred. QUALIFICATIONS, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: The FrontDesk Receptionist must have a minimum of 1-3 years’ experience in a in aphysician office setting preferably within the urology specialty. Customerservice skills experience is a must. Excellent oral and written communicationskills. Proficient interpersonal relations skills. Must have strong computer skillsto handle clerical tasks, including working with office and EMR systems. Basicknowledge of health insurance products (HMO, PPO, HSA, Commercial, Medicareetc.). Basic knowledge and understanding of CPT procedure coding and ICD-10diagnostic coding a plus. COMPUTER SKILLS: Toperform this job successfully, an individual should have the knowledge of:Internet Software; Microsoft Office Suite; Electronic MailSoftware (Microsoft Outlook); Electronic Health Records (EMR Software);Practice Management Software

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